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Among the homes on the Queens Jazz Trail are those of Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, and Lena Horne. In fact, Basie lived in the neighborhood of St. Albans, which had the largest concentration of jazz performers. On top of these individuals, the tour also stops at the home of soul singer James Brown.

It was born on 35th Avenue in Queens. To be more precise, it originated in the basement of Community United Methodist Church. It’s here in 1938 that Alfred Butts introduced a new word game called Lexiko. It combined his love of crossword puzzles and anagrams into one environment. Today, a plaque in front of the church commemorates the event.

The origins of this clock, situated on the outside of an office building in the Queen’s neighborhood of Ozone Park, vary. Some say the leather jacket-clad individual on top of the now-armless clock represents the gangs that used to make Ozone Park their home in the 1950s. Others relate it to a likeness of James Dean or Marlon Brando in The Wild Ones.

No matter if it’s any of those or others like Elvis Presley or The Fonz, the Greaser Clock is a unique piece of history to see. While The Beatles had Liverpool and The Beach Boys had Southern California, The Ramones had Queens. The Ramp, located in the neighborhood of Forest Hills, is where the four original members of the band hung out to do nothing and plan their musical careers at the same time.

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The terminal followed the futuristic specifications in the 1960s to usher in the Jet Age of flight. It remained in operation well into the 21st century. Then, it was abandoned. However, because it’s listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, it still had life. In 2015, the terminal became a new airport hotel and is actually one of the most popular hotels in Queens.

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There are approximately 400 movies in various genres that are played annually in the museum’s in-house theater. queens ny. MoMA is one of our top picks. A wonderful place to discover in Queens! Manhattan doesn’t hold sole claim to a top garden ny queens postal code oasis in the midst of a city. The Queens Botanical Garden has the same offerings within its 39 acres

Today, visitors can walk to the gardens from the National Tennis Center to watch flowers and trees bloom in the warmer months. Among the spaces are an arboretum, bee garden, and herb garden. Couples can book the gazebo at the Wedding Garden for pictures and marital ceremonies. Originally, MoMA PS1 was used to only organize art shows.

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At the start of the 21st century, Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) collaborated with PS1 to create space for contemporary art, music, and performances. Among its many events are the summer live music series. The annual performance venue, which has been active for over two decades, has featured both local musicians and famous headliners.


Nonetheless, the borough is on the tip of an island. Thus, there are patches of nature among the buildings. One of these is Queens’ second largest park­ – Alley Pond. It’s home to the city’s oldest and biggest tree, the Queens Giant. At 133 feet, the poplar’s age is estimated around 450 years old.

A trip to the park is a journey back in time to the origins of the city. Photo: Urielevy / CC BY-SAThough the locals were already aware of this Queens-based beach, The Ramones made it famous with their 1970s song of the same name. It has remained a go-to location for both locals and visitors.

It features many structures that were constructed new york queens bronx brooklyn manhattan during the Art Deco days of the 1930s. In addition to the sand and surf, Jacob Riis also features The Bazaar. This area hosts a variety of local food vendors along with games and live shows. This space is a testament to repurposing lands for better use.

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Since then, the sculpture park has displayed pieces from local and international artists. The best part of the park is that it’s an active outdoor studio. All of the pieces are created within the area. Visitors can linger at one spot and ask the sculptors questions about their creations. Noguchi Museum. queens ny map is one block from the sculpture park

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Among those are paintings, busts, and sculptures. This museum also has its own outdoor garden of statues and other displays. Steinway has been making quality pianos for decades, and their main factory webpage is based in Queens. In fact, pianos have been made there for nearly 150 years. They aren’t put together by robots.

The factory is the last-remaining active building that was part of Steinway Village. The company town once had its own schools and amusement park. Today, visitors can tour the factory from September to June. While there, they can watch 200-year-old steam-machines help bend wood for these pianos. If you play or love piano, Steinway & Sons Factory should definitely be on your list of things to do in Queens.


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